Morocco Fieldwork


A team from the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens visited southwest Morocco, to study succulent plants that are native to Morocco in their natural habitat. The Alameda has been active in the study and propagation of Moroccan succulents for many years. Whilst there, the team studied plants in their native habitats, paying careful attention to soil and habitat characteristics. They also collected seeds and cuttings of some Moroccan species. Time was also taken to visit the sole, remote and isolated population of Moroccan Dragon Trees Dracaena draco subsp. ajgal. Although this population was only discovered in the 1990s, it is probably the healthiest population of this species of Dragon Tree left in the wild. Members of the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens’ technical team who study Moroccan Ant ecology and faunistics also took the opportunity to carry out fieldwork. All aspects studied yielded interesting results and publication of these will no doubt follow.