Giuseppe Codali Bust

Codali Bust

A bust of Guiseppe Codali was recently unveiled in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, at one of the entrances to the bridge over the Dell, which bear’s Mr Codali’s name. Guiseppe Codali arrived in Gibraltar from his native Italy in the 1870s. He was the head gardener at the Alameda and designed a number of gardens in Gibraltar and the hinterland, including the sunken garden of The Dell itself. The bust was very kindly donated by the Codali family, which is rightly proud of its heritage. The Minister for the Environment and Heritage both attended the unveiling of the statue, as did the descendants of Guiseppe Codali, some of whom had travelled from the UK to attend the event. The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens are extremely grateful to the Codali family for their exceptionally generous donation.